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Being a young publishing company works to our advantage, and our authors, too, as we have no established processes, practices, corpulent bureaucracies, or personal fiefdoms to protect, like traditional presses. And in this digital age with all new systems, we can operate efficiently and with strong profit margins. 

August Words Publishing partners with our authors to produce commercial books aimed at specific segments of the book-buying marketplace. We believe the author knows their audience far better than we ever could, is the best conduit for building a book-buying fan base as detailed in the theory of 1,000 True Fans and Long-Tail Economics. We couple that with our design, sales, and marketing knowledge of how to best garner that audience's attention in a very crowded marketplace.  We will invest hundreds of man-hours in designing, producing, marketing, and distributing your books. We expect you to invest as much in their promotion to your target audience.

As a young press we are unable to pay advances, but we feel we more than make up for that by developing a valuable series brand, providing professional editorial input, listening intently to author input to design a beautiful book series, charging no fees, and rewarding our authors' work with royalties 3-4 times the industry average. Plus, we give authors opportunities through to increase their revenue stream far beyond book royalties. For instance, authors can be paid mentors, speakers, even sell items such as “special occasion greetings” or “dinner with your favorite author.” 

Just as shares a percentage of all sales with literary and literacy charities, August Words Publishing shares these larger profit margins with our authors. We pay higher royalty rates simply because we can. We feel it is the right thing to do. So, no, no catches here. You produce a fine manuscript, we produce a fine book, and together we share in the promotion and the profits.


We will provide:

As an author you will be expected to provide:

quantity discounts

As an August Words Publishing author, you will be able to purchase paperback books in multiples of 25 at a sizable discount.  In fact, many of our authors make most of their author profits from back-of-the-room sales following talks.
writing guides under 10,000 words 

We will provide:

As a writing guide author you will be expected to provide:
The publishing industry has changed radically in recent years. The majority of book sales - and more notably, the only significant profits - are no longer made in traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores. Many publishers are quagmired in the past, trying to maintain profit margins based on an outdated business model, confused by the transformation into this highly-digital world. They continue to do what they've always done, expecting their authors to handle the rest by themselves.

But where others see change and chaos, we see opportunity. While we’ve been in publishing for decades, always thinking “outside the book,” and August Words Publishing were recently founded to take advantage of the winds of change by working smarter and creating new avenues of revenue for authors (our favorite people). 
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